Marine Elisa Dorothée

— Maker, Textile accessory designer

Born and raised in the sunny south of France, I was first introduced to knitting and sewing by my mother and grandmothers. I studied visual arts in Aix-en-Provence and photography at The Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels. After graduating, I enrolled in a “Training In Contemporary Applications of Traditional European Crafts” program with an English NGO. This allowed me to travel to Cyprus, Iceland, Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy to acquire region-specific skills, promote traditional handicrafts and work within local communities. I also assisted a magazine to cover the London Fashion Week and organised fashion shows and events in Cyprus and Slovakia to promote traditional arts and crafts. After taking a few months off to travel the world, I moved to London to work in a beautiful and quirky little knitting shop called Loop. I spent my free time learning more complex knitting patterns and creating my own designs. I then assisted a Fashion Designer in Chicago and I am currently living in Paris and finishing a Haute Couture embroidery formation at L’Ecole Maison Lesage.

These experiences have fuelled my passion for traditional skills and crafts. I believe that every project requires patience and time. Each creation contains fragments of memories that will live on with its new owner and become part of another story. In that I see each unique piece as a different tale. I believe that working with textiles and fibres is a pleasure for all of the senses. I like the warmth of the yarns, the depth of the colours in hand dyed fibres, and the infinite potential of natural pigments. I think that using materials that have been made with love and care is important in the development of my creations. I see my work as a great way to interact with people, explore endless possibilities and collaborate with others. I am inspired by all that I encounter during my travels, which leads me to name my projects after places I visit.